How to Increase Conversions with Facebook Messenger Bots

As a business strategist, you must be concerned with the latest tools and strategies to boost business growth. In this discussion, we’ll discuss how to increase conversions with Facebook Messenger bots!

When businesses are tapping into every type of marketing platform for marketing and promotions, social media is emerging as an effective marketing channel for companies. When we discuss social media as a marketing platform, Facebook stands out as a leading marketing channel. Facebook and Instagram are the top social media marketing channels used by marketers. Facebook has become such an essential part of social media marketing that it offers many marketing tools to formulate and execute marketing strategies.

One of the tools that can help with effective marketing on Facebook is Facebook messenger chatbots. Facebook Messenger bots help a business interact with potential customers. If appropriately used to their maximum abilities, businesses can tap into Facebook Messenger bots to increase conversions.

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Marketing with Facebook Messenger Bots

Bots are part of Messenger marketing on Facebook. Messenger marketing involves the marketing tactic of approaching your business’s potential customers through messenger platforms like Facebook Messenger. For a marketing company, marketing consists of getting in touch with the target audience. With billions of users on Facebook, the social media platform provides diverse demographics and audience segments to target. It is a popular messaging platform to target a broad section of the audience accurately. It is not a surprise that companies increase conversions with Facebook Messenger bots.

As a messaging platform, Facebook messenger has nearly 1.3 billion users.

Chatbots are being used in different sectors, including marketing. Companies are integrating chatbots into their marketing platforms to generate quick and engaging responses to customer queries. Facebook is now being used to connect to new and potential customers and provide services through online portals. Chatbots help businesses provide quality service through social media and websites. In this way, the benefits of messenger bots for businesses can be many.

The ability of a company to increase conversions with Facebook Messenger bots is backed by facts too.  Facebook Messenger bots help businesses create engaging conversations with potential customers through direct messages.

According to a new study related to messaging platforms, more than half of potential customers are inclined to buy from a business they can interact with via direct messages.

Messenger marketing, aided by messenger bots, is the new way of increasing brand reach. Nearly half of consumers believe that messages are the new way of customer engagement for businesses.

 Increasing Lead Conversions with Facebook Messenger Bots

Messenger bots can be the perfect tool for your company to increase lead conversions. Whether it is by providing excellent-quality leads or by starting impactful conversations with potential customers, there are many ways in which companies increase conversions with Facebook Messenger bots.  Here are a few examples of how a marketing company can increase conversions with Facebook Messenger bots.

  • Improving Customer Service of a Company

Chatbots are intelligent conversational AI platforms that can take up a customer support executive’s roles and responsibilities if used properly. When integrated as a messenger bot, the chatbot is the first point of contact for a customer. By carrying out a conversation with the approaching customer, the chatbot can produce quick and valuable responses to the customer’s query. It can also troubleshoot at a minor level and address certain concerns of the customers. Interacting with an intelligent messenger bot makes a customer feel heard. 

Messenger bots can thus help in improving the customer service of a company. An improvement in a company’s customer service can enhance its word-of-mouth marketing and increase lead conversions. Even potential customers can benefit from a good messenger. Usually, potential customers visit the Facebook page of a business to get their queries answered and progress to the next step of the buyer’s journey. Quick and effective responses from a conversational AI-powered chatbot can address a potential customer’s questions and convert him or her into a new customer.

  • Building Brand Awareness for Your Brand

Every company can be a brand if it has strong brand awareness and a strong presence in the market. Businesses can use Messenger bots on Facebook to start conversations with visitors. Messenger bots can talk with visitors and spread the brand message to a broader target audience. By sending out a compelling brand message, messenger bots help increase the brand awareness of a company.

Messenger bots are a great way to build brand presence in social media gradually. This is especially true for new, relatively unknown brands that have limited resources for marketing. Messenger bots can be a cheap but effective way of connecting with visitors and changing them into potential customers. Messenger bots can also include frequently asked questions and their answers to stay informed about your brand.

  • Encouraging Visitors to Explore More with Your Website

One of the most crucial processes for successful lead conversion is directing potential customers to your official website’s product page so that they can make a purchase decision. This way, Messenger bots can assist sales and easily convert leads. An advantage of using intelligent messenger bots is that the bot’s sales pitch is more conversational.

The trick to converting a lead is to soft-target the lead. Messenger bots do just this by initiating interest in the lead’s mind and directing him or her to the website to explore more and make a purchase. Many intelligent messenger bots also come up with product suggestions according to user preferences to encourage further action. Messenger bots convert the flow of the conversation into desirable action.

Bottom Line

There are more than 300,000 active chatbots on Facebook today. Even though Facebook Messenger can help companies increase conversions with Facebook Messenger bots, a tiny segment of marketing companies use bots to connect with their audiences. Seeing the efficacy of Facebook Messenger marketing, it is believed that marketing through Messenger bots will grow as a marketing channel in the next five years.

Today, nearly 2 billion messages are sent between businesses and their customers on Facebook Messenger. With the rise of e-commerce, people are looking for approachable businesses with whom they can easily communicate. A business with messenger bots to connect with customers is seen as a transparent and customer-friendly business.

From messenger bots for entrepreneur personal branding to bots for a company, bots can be the voice of social media marketing in the coming years. So, are you planning to get a Facebook Messenger bot for your business? Reach out to our experts at eBotify and we’ll be happy to assist you.


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