Remarkably Humanized Automated Conversations for Business & beyond

A simple exchange of words can empower lives and sway decisions. eBotify is your go-to AI conversational bot that engages audiences, convinces prospects, and helps customers with a meaningful dialogue.

Building The Operating System for Customer Support

Improve Customer Experience
Support with Powerful AI:

Move forward customer service with quick, personalized chats powered by conversational AI. Make customized flows in your preferred language.

  • Multi-lingual
  • Live chat
  • Campaigns
  • Bot Builder

Monitor your Metrics
and Measure Success:

Track your bot and agent’s KPIs in one area. Identify trends in user behaviour and get real-time data.

  • Real Time
  • Report
  • Dashboard

Boost your Contact
Centre Agent Performance

From updating them on various settings to permitting them to get to different applications consistently to deal with client discussions effectively.

  • Agent Matrix
  • Live Chat
  • Ticket

Interact with Customers
at their Convenience:

Make it simple for customers to contact you at a time that suits them. Nourish them on their favoured channel whenever the timing is ideal.

  • Website
  • WhatsApp
  • Facebook
  • SMS(Twilio)

Sync Data for Consolidated

Associate with your CRM, payments, and online stores, in a flash, we support the integration of 30+ applications to guarantee you track down all data in one place.

  • Messaging
  • Marketing

Protect Customer Data
with Fool Proof System:

Keep your data secret and secure. Manage compliance with privacy, international data transfer regulations, and data protection.

  • Role Based
    Access Control
  • GDPR



All the Industry Which we cater


Make secure transactions, notify customers and complete user KYC validation through AI-powered secure chatbot.


Share order updates, track order, answer questions instantly and reduce cart abandonment rates.


Manage the volume of customer requests, provide 24×7 service, and generate insights with Conversational AI bot.


AI-powered chatbots connecting patients, healthcare providers & insurers.


Recommend targeted policies, attend claim requests, provide customer support and service to customers and prospects using secure chatbot.


Notify orders updated in real-time and troubleshoot customer problems on the go.


Promote products, notify availability, share order details, listen & reply to consumers’ social media posts to improve customer loyalty & increase sales with ai-powered conversation bots.