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Helping Businesses engage more effectively with their customers.

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Plan & Run A Dream Event With ebotify

24×7 Availability

eBotify doesn’t sleep, its there at your service 24×7.

Zero Waiting Time

Don’t let your customers change their mind, take their info/order then and there.

No Human Errors

eBotify does not make mistakes while recording data.


eBotify gets leads transferred to your CRM.

Higher Conversion Rate

According to our existing clients, their conversion rate increased 300%-500% by implementing a chatbot for website.

You can bulid easily

Create chatbot

Using our NLP engine understand the user’s intent and send pre-defined answers to users in human language.

Build your workflow

NLP modules auto-learns from unlabelled voice data and user queries and adds to the AI knowledge base.

eBotify Chatbot
Integrate your app

A UI that the user is familiar with and guarantees ease of communication and effective delivery of the message.