ai in education
Why is the Education Industry Adapting AI Chatbot?

Eliza, the first ever publicly demonstrated chatbot, was created using a rule-based approach in the 1960s. With the onset of artificial intelligence and big data, these chatbots have now become advanced with capabilities like providing information and feedback, clear doubts, etcetera, and are transforming the face of education in the best possible way. Artificial intelligence

Common Chatbot Failures And How To Avoid Them

Source:  csoonline.com When the world was introduced to the first-generation chatbots more than a decade ago, the buzz around it fizzled out soon—the reason being the over-hyped expectation about the success of the supposedly human-mimicking software. Back then, rule-based technology lacked the power to bring out the desired results. However, the third-generation chatbots of today

increase conversions with facebook messenger bots
How to Increase Conversions with Facebook Messenge...

As a business strategist, you must be concerned with the latest tools and strategies to boost business growth. In this discussion, we’ll discuss how to increase conversions with Facebook messenger bots! When businesses are tapping into every type of marketing platform for marketing and promotions, social media is emerging as an effective marketing channel for

conversational AI use cases
What are the Use Cases of Conversational AI?

Want to know about the potential conversational AI use cases? You have reached the right place; let’s dive deep and understand the top use cases of conversational AI. The advancement of the human race seen in recent times is mindboggling. At the spearhead of the pioneering force of development are the advances in technology made

voice-enabled chatbots
Are Voice-enabled Chatbots Better?

The impact of technology on life in the modern century is clearly evident in various domains starting from public transportation to banking and finance. Businesses are able to reach out to their customers quickly and deliver personalized responses to them. The use of voice-enabled chatbots has started a lot of attention in recent times as

Chatbot for Your Business
Do You Need a Chatbot for Your Business?

The modern marketing lingo is incomplete without the mention of chatbots. Experts have claimed that chatbots will be an integral component of the marketing strategies of businesses all over the world. Around 47% of organizations aim at the implementation of chatbots for customer services, while 40% of them are looking to adopt virtual assistants. In

benefits of chatbots in automotive industry
Top Benefits of Chatbots in Automotive Industry

In this era of a digital revolution, there is a rise in new technology in every field of life. The use of new interactive technology has been rising as people are looking for more human-like experiences. There are new uses to interactive technology in every field, from virtual assistants being used for shopping advice to

conversational marketing
How Conversational Marketing is the Future of eCom...

If you are following the digital world closely, you might have come across chatbots on any website or mobile app. Brands are relying on chatbots for almost every significant task ranging across customer service, marketing, team communication, sales, and others. Chatbots have improved the ability of brands to engage in conversations with customers, thereby promoting

advantages of conversational AI
What are the Advantages of Conversational AI?

Don’t know how conversational AI can transform your business? Check out these top advantages of conversational AI and get ready for business growth. With the advancement of technology, the applications of the technology are everywhere. Now that man is starting to rely on technology for nearly everything; it is only natural for people to search

need for customer support chatbots
How Customer Service Chatbots are Redefining Suppo...

Not aware of the importance of chatbots in customer support and service? Read this blog to know how customer service chatbots are redefining customer support. Businesses are engaged in tough competition in today’s market. Therefore, every business prioritizes customer service because happy and satisfied customers ensure the sustainability of the business. Almost every business craves

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