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People are using chatbots in education sector utilizing Artificial Intelligence in order to ease communication between between students, teachers, and management. Education chatbots are being utilized in schools, universities, and, and even prominent universities as an alternative help that are available round the clock to clear student doubts instantly. Students are more inclined towards the new technology, and they prefer to adopt new technology in learning than going with the traditional process. Students are spending a major chunk of their time surfing on Social Medias and other apps. Adding Education chatbots to their learning environment can be a win-win situation for both the teacher and student.

Education Industry have a spread of chatbot use cases to leverage and deliver great experiences to their customers.

1. Virtual personal tutoring
2. Student engagement
3. Student support
4. Teacher’s assistant
5. Administrative companion
6. Data repository
7. Notifications and Reminders

Infographic of chatbot benefits.

Business Benefits

Support for employees:

Chatbots can be the primary resource to get requests on the site and answer continuous inquiries; complex inquiries can be given to representatives.

Shorter waiting times:

The simultaneous adjustments of a few group by the chatbot brings about negligible reaction times for guests who get the ideal data right away.

24/7 service:

Chatbots offer permanent service availability, day and night, 7 days a week.

Documentation of customer inquiries:

Chatbots offer permanent service availability, day and night, 7 days a week.

Connect Every Time:

Talk to every customer, share personalised recommendations and drive conversions with custom-built offers.

Trim down Expenses:

Automate repetitive tasks and improve agent efficiency by employing AI for smart conversations and understanding customers.

Explore New Avenues:

Expand brand reach by connecting with customers on different channels, including WhatsApp and Facebook.

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Customers Benefits

Students can proactively receive information from the educational institution at any time, instead of receiving potentially ambiguous information through exchanges between students.

Integrating chatbots in classrooms can be an effective aid for students. Although not all students are kids, the process of interaction needs to be engaging. This process needs to be scientific, and at the same time, effective. When kids have access to technology, distractions are most likely to occur.

However, the learning process has to be designed in such a way, that the study materials get assimilated lucidly. Students take interest when learning becomes interesting. Exposure to technology, when properly guided, can enhance the knowledge-acquisition process..

At times, lessons become boring on paper. The chatbots are incorporated with features like video conferencing, live document and video sharing, texting and much more making the learning process interesting.


Let students contact you using their preferred messaging platforms enabling a true omnichannel customer experience. Customers can chat through any digital touchpoint across 30+ messaging channels – Web, WhatsApp, Messenger, and many more!

AI-enabled Chatbots facilitate real-time chat experience, enabling agents to connect with students across websites, mobile applications, social media platforms, and business messaging platforms.

With advanced APIs, get pre-built, customizable sequences to plug in, use and accelerate the automation of key educational workflow.