Voice Chatbots Provide a Better User Experience

The impact of technology on life in the modern century is clearly evident in various domains, starting from public transportation to banking and finance. Businesses are able to reach out to their customers quickly and deliver personalized responses to them. The use of voice-enabled chatbots has gained a lot of attention in recent times as a solution to improve customer satisfaction. 

Around 47% of people are already using voice search devices at least once a day. Furthermore, the improving accuracy of voice recognition technology is also favoring the growth of voice-enabled chatbots. Let us reflect on how chatbots powered by voice capabilities can be better alternatives for businesses. 

Importance of Voice-enabled Chatbots

Before finding out the benefits of voice-enabled chatbots, it is important to know what they are. Basically, they are the chatbot that has capabilities for interacting and communicating through voice. Voice chatbots are generally programmed to accept commands in oral or written form and reply through voice. Some notable examples of voice-activated chatbots include Google Home and Amazon Echo. Voice chatbots also use pre-recorded and text-to-speech responses to address the queries of users. 

Voice chatbots definitely provide the unique functionality of responding in the voice. However, is it reasonable to assume that a voice-enabled chatbot is the future of marketing? As a matter of fact, yes! Almost 50% of all searches online are voice-based, and companies want to be on the same platforms as their customers. 

More than 30% of people in the age group of 14 to 17 use voice assistants regularly, and 84% of teenagers already have some sort of voice assistant. Furthermore, the smart speaker installed base will also grow substantially, thereby supporting the customer service department in efficient operations with lower costs. 

Advantages of Voice Chatbots for Businesses

It is reasonable to consider voice-enabled chatbots as an important element in the future of business operations because voice is an easier communication method than texting. Businesses can utilize AI chatbots for analyzing their customer’s characters and traits, along with other inputs provided by the client. In addition, it can also help in evaluating various factors such as client profile, esteem of the organization for analyzing client data. So, what are the other factors that show that voice-enabled chatbots are the future? Let us find the answers!

1. Fast Answers, Happy Customers

Customers are constantly in a hurry to get responses from businesses. Most important of all, customers don’t have the time or patience to deal with the company’s information and questions. So, every customer support team looks for opportunities to optimize faster approaches of offering instant support for the customer. 

However, many companies don’t have so many customer support representatives to talk to customers and respond instantly to them. Voice-enabled chatbots can ensure a completely error-free and personalized customer experience. At the same time, they don’t have a strong influence on the customer service budget of a company.

2. Know the Customer Better

Voice-enabled chatbots help organizations capture better customer insights and improve the possibility of providing reliable data insights to customers. Voice chatbots leverage AI and ML for accessing real-time data regarding customers, thereby personalizing the interactions accordingly. As a result, customers can get reliable and relevant support, thereby having a better experience with your brand.

3. Text is Boring

Another notable reason that would play a huge role in the growth of voice-enabled chatbots is the mundane nature of textual conversations. Almost every company is eager to maintain promising levels of customer relationships in the modern competitive world. However, businesses have to encounter many challenges of time and patience in conversations with customers through text. A general text does not have personalization, even if it clearly solves the customer’s need. On the other hand, voice-enabled chatbots could enable highly automated and intelligence-backed business communication. 

How can Businesses Use Voice Chatbots?

With all the benefits of voice-activated chatbots, it is inevitable to look for ways in which businesses can leverage them. Voice chatbots have the capability of assisting and automating businesses alongside transforming their personal lives. The on-demand assistants could improve the productivity of voice conversations with humans. Businesses could use voice chatbots for accessing the whole range of functionalities of a single application. Chatbots are slowly gaining widespread recognition for their customer support capabilities, and with the power of voice, they can work wonders for businesses.

Bottom Line

If you want to adopt voice-enabled chatbots, then this is the right time. Voice-based chatbots will have clear benefits for users and businesses. As you get a voice chatbot up and running, it will give you the chance to show your business in a positive light before customers. Voice-based chatbots add better personalization in customer communication and can also offer multi-language support.

Therefore, it is suitable for businesses aspiring to gain a competitive advantage in the existing market. Contact us at eBotify to learn more about voice-based chatbots and check their potential for the future. It will help you make an easier decision!


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