Comparing Chatbots and Live Chat for Customer Service

Many people have come across a chatbot or a live chat option on websites they browse today. So, what is the point of the chatbot vs. live chat comparison? The point of the comparison is the fact that many people don’t know about the differences between them. Both live chat and chatbots use similar website chat functionalities and interfaces, thereby creating confusion in identifying them.

You can generally find the live chat option or chatbots at the bottom right-hand side of the mobile device or computer you are using. However, it is important to find out the difference between a chatbot and live chat to identify the solution that you want for your business to answer customer questions.

Understanding Live Chat and Chatbots

Before starting the live chat vs. chatbot comparison, it is important to know both of them comprehensively. The facility of live chat on your business website can ensure better ways of delivering customer service. In the case of live chat support, users are generally involved in a conversation with an actual person on the other side. Visitors on a website could ask their questions on the small pop-up on the website, which showcases the live chat feature. 

In the case of a live chat, you have to wait for the representative on the other side to respond. On the other side of the chatbot vs. live chat comparison, chatbots are computer programs that use natural language processing, AI algorithms, machine learning, and predefined commands to answer customers’ questions. Chatbots are being increasingly adopted across various industries for diverse applications. The global chatbot market could reach almost $1.25 billion by 2025, thereby clearly pointing out why chatbots are ideal for businesses.

Comparing Chatbots and Live Chat: Chatbot vs Live Chat

So, it is clear that live chat and chatbots serve the function of resolving customer queries. However, businesses are generally caught up in the live chat vs. chatbot comparison when it comes to selecting the ideal chat solution for their website. The difference between chatbots and live chat could help businesses understand the better option or explore possibilities for using both in unison. Let us compare chatbots and live chats on the basis of certain aspects to find out whether the benefits of chatbots overshadow the functionalities of live chat.

1. Human Intervention

The foremost factor in a chatbot vs. live chat comparison directly refers to the possibility of human intervention. Chatbots have the most striking advantage over operations without human intervention. They can work for endless hours without any human help, thereby saving a lot of energy, time, and money. 

On the other hand, live chat widgets depend on human intervention to answer customers’ questions. Therefore, live chat widgets can be offline when there is no human representative to answer the questions. So, the benefits of chatbots take the upper hand in this case.

2. Customer Satisfaction

Chatbots are capable of delivering higher customer satisfaction through the facility of round-the-clock support. Customers don’t have to wait in line to get answers to their questions. At the same time, chatbots don’t provide detailed answers. Therefore, the chatbot vs. live chat comparison in terms of customer satisfaction may present a negative image of chatbots due to their limited responses. On the other hand, live chat can help in resolving uncommon queries by customers while keeping the context intact. Furthermore, live chat representatives could also come up with out-of-the-box solutions. 

3. Personalization

The aspect of personalization is a very confusing one when it comes to chatbot vs. live chat comparisons. Live chat undoubtedly offers better advantages over chatbots in terms of personalization due to the human touch. However, it is not reasonable to undermine why chatbots cannot provide personalization. On the contrary, chatbots are slowly evolving in terms of their capabilities for offering personalization. 

For example, AI and NLP algorithms, along with supervised learning of chatbots, could help in enabling chatbots to think like humans. On the other hand, live chat is a clear winner, as you won’t face difficulties in understanding spelling errors or bringing better personalization to conversations with customers. 

4. Ease of Use

The final aspect that separates chatbots from live chat in the chatbot vs. live chat comparison is the ease of use. Certain live chat programs feature various complex interfaces, such as one chat window for visitors and one for the admin. On the other hand, chatbots work on a single interface that helps customers chat with the bot. In addition, the interface helps you make your chatbot smarter without any additional effort.

Which One is Better, – Chatbot or Live Chat

On a concluding note, it is clearly difficult to make a final choice between the chatbot vs. live chat comparison. Live chat undoubtedly offers a great option for businesses to communicate with their customers. However, a business needs the ideal resources for using the live chat functionality properly.

Most important of all, a live chat feature is one of the bare minimums expected from a business website. On the other hand, businesses should not worry about having to replace their human workforce in customer support with chatbots. Therefore, businesses should opt for using chatbots and live chat features together so that both support each other. For cutting-edge chatbot solutions, businesses may consider partnering with eBotify, a leading expert chatbot development company. With a proven track record in crafting intelligent and customized chatbot solutions


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