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Healthcare sector has witnessed a rapid surge in the usage of AI and this trend is supposed to continue. Ebotify is powered with ready-to-use conversational AI in healthcare modules that can manage end-to-end portfolio of healthcare. Leverage our intelligence trained to handle scenarios unique to the health ecosystem while maintaining the integrity of data and patient information.

Healthcare Industries have a wide range of chatbots that are used to make customer experience more seamless

  • New Customer Acquisition
  • Easily Schedule Appointments
  • Collect Patients Data
  • Handle Insurance Queries
  • Automated Support for FAQs
  • Notifications and Reminders
  • Patients support manager
  • Proactive Communication with Patients
  • Payment Processing
  • Patients Feedback Collection

Business Benefits

Reduced Waiting Times:

Chatbots enable users to get instant replies and solutions instead of having to wait for phones, mails, or even stand in queue. In many medical situations people don’t really have the time to wait for an answer. Customers can simply drop their questions and the chatbot will respond with an appropriate answer within seconds. This will lead to higher customer satisfaction and better brand image for your business.

Scalable Customer Service:

When there is a human agent handling customers on phone, chat, or in person, they can handle only a limited number at a given amount of time. This means as the customers increase, the number of live agents will have to be increased, which means the cost will also increase. But chatbots don’t have this limitation and are cost effective. They’re built to handle thousands of enquiries simultaneously at the same time. Implementing a chatbot helps any service provider in the healthcare industry scale their customer service without compromising on quality at a fraction of the cost.

Timely Medical Advice:

A well-implemented chatbot can provide timely medical advice. Instead of calling the helpline, people could now simply chat with an AI-powered chatbot and get medical help instantly. Also, chatbots are available 24/7 at service to help people in need. Chatbots can also link to relevant pages. For example, a user looking for any medical assistance can be directed to the right page or connect with a representative if they still have additional questions.

Massive Cost Savings:

Chatbots, as we’ve seen from the examples above, are well-suited to handle many cases from providing informational content to streamlining scheduling — all of which translates to huge cost savings. Businesses can save time and money on having to hire additional customer support representatives and provide the necessary training.

Patient Feedback:

The aim for any healthcare provider is to serve their patients better. Chatbot is an effective way to collect feedback. Healthcare providers can use that feedback to serve patients even better. Collecting customer feedbacks work because it shows how much you value their opinions. Of course, it’s important to actively listen to what customers are saying and make efforts to improve where you can.

Automated Invoicing and Payments:

The medical billing process allows healthcare providers to receive compensation for the treatment they serve their patients. However, sending invoices and keeping track of payments can be such a hassle. Along with facilitating appointments, chatbots can also be used to automate invoicing. For example, a chatbot can be programmed to send an invoice and collect payment after a patient meets their doctor. This can help reduce administrative costs as well.

Improved Internal Communications:

Chatbots aren’t limited to providing support for patients only. They can also be used for internal communication between employers. For example, employees that have questions about a particular process can visit the company’s site and get assisted by chatbots. Healthcare providers can even link training videos and other relevant materials to chatbots

Improved Search Engine Optimization:

Another advantage of chatbots for the healthcare industry is they can improve SEO. There are different factors that Google rely upon to determine rankings. One of these is how long a user stays on a page. Dwell time is important because it’s indicative of engagement.

Patients Benefits

Daily Medication Reminders

Doctors prescribe medications to cure their patient’s various health issues. But one of the biggest challenges that a doctor has to face is to get their patients take medications at prescribed times. Chatbots can not only be used to dispense medical advice, but also to send daily reminders to patients. Patients just need to jot down the medicine they need to take and at what intervals of the day they need to take it. Chatbot then automatically sends a message to its users each time they need to take it.

Appointment Scheduling

Scheduling an appointment over the phone can be extremely tiresome for all parties involved. A patient would need to call their local clinic and the operator would need to check their schedule to see what slots are available. All of these can lead to higher administrative costs. Some chatbots enable healthcare facilities to help their patients book appointments with the right doctor.

Contactless Solution

Patients will be able to get answers to any of their queries at home.


  • Single-API for 30+ Messaging Channels: Interact and transact with your Patients seamlessly across 30+ messaging channels using our Single API for Messaging.
  • Payment Solutions via Messaging: With one click Bill Pay, you can offer your Patients easy payment options via payment messages
  • Advanced APIs for Automating Micro-journeys: With Advanced APIs, get pre-built customizable sequences to plug in to use and accelerate the automation of key Healthcare workflows.