Chatbot for Your Business
Do You Need a Chatbot for Your Business?

The modern marketing lingo is incomplete without the mention of chatbots. Experts have claimed that chatbots will be an integral component of the marketing strategies of businesses all over the world. Around 47% of organizations aim at the implementation of chatbots for customer services, while 40% of them are looking to adopt virtual assistants. In

benefits of chatbots in automotive industry
Top Benefits of Chatbots in Automotive Industry

In this era of a digital revolution, there is a rise in new technology in every field of life. The use of new interactive technology has been rising as people are looking for more human-like experiences. There are new uses to interactive technology in every field, from virtual assistants being used for shopping advice to

need for customer support chatbots
How Customer Service Chatbots are Redefining Suppo...

Not aware of the importance of chatbots in customer support and service? Read this blog to know how customer service chatbots are redefining customer support. Businesses are engaged in tough competition in today’s market. Therefore, every business prioritizes customer service because happy and satisfied customers ensure the sustainability of the business. Almost every business craves

benefits of dental chatbots
Why Use Dental Chatbots for Dental Practice?

There is no doubt in the fact that technology has made our lives easier, and chatbots are one of the examples. Chatbots can support AI-based online conversations with businesses and could be applied in any sector. So, have you heard of dental chatbots? If you are a dentist, you don’t need to train an employee

chatbot myths and facts
8 Common Chatbot Myths and Facts Behind Them

Are you the one who hasn’t yet implement chatbots in your business due to some myths? If yes, we’ll take you through the journey of common chatbot myths and the facts behind them. The latest development of chatbots is revolutionizing the customer experiences on digital platforms today. While it has become a trending technology, there

Chatbot vs Live Chat
Chatbot vs Live Chat – Which One is Better?

Many people have come across a chatbot or a live chat option on websites they browse today. So, what is the point of chatbot vs live chat comparison? The point of the comparison is the fact that many people don’t know about the differences between them. Both live chat and chatbots use similar website chat

top chatbot trends
Top Chatbot Trends You Should Follow in 2021

The continuous growth of the chatbot market is presenting many new prospects for businesses all over the world. Chatbots have been effective in simplifying communication between businesses and customers. Therefore, many businesses are eager to learn about chatbot trends that would take the limelight in 2021.  Companies are slowly recognizing the massive potential of chatbots

why chatbots
10 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Chatbot

If you are a business owner looking into the possibilities of introducing chatbots, then you are at the right place. The popularity of chatbots has increased recently as they help businesses interact with customers in a personalized manner. However, many businesses that are driven by technology and innovation are trying to find the answers to

future of chatbots
Future of Chatbots (Report by Industry Experts)

Have you recently come across a chatbot on the website of a business asking you for any questions they can offer solutions to? Chatbots have definitely arrived as one of the prominent technological advancements in recent times with continuously evolving functionalities. Earlier, chatbots were programmed to respond to specific customer queries, such as answering common

chatbot for marketing
How Companies are Using Chatbot for Marketing? 

The rapidly expanding assortment of chatbots on Facebook clearly shows how they have become one of the notable alternatives for brands to communicate with customers. The use of chatbot for marketing has crossed the territory of confusion, and now more brands are showing interest in chatbots. The modern trends in marketing focus on the increasing

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