Ways in which AI/Machine learning chat-bots can help an Organization

The modern age has not only brought petty advancement, but also an easy life to our, workplace, etc. As the goal of every organization is to improve productivity and efficiency, the chatbots serve as an advanced program that sees to the efficiency of that organization. Imagine a case of hundreds of individuals making an attempt to access the customer service of an organization, except the fact that the organization could afford a compensating number of staffs, the efficiency of the organization is bound to drop due to the fact that several customers will be placed on hold for a long period of time.In a well-organized setting, this need not be the case. The chatbot is able to acquire necessary information, complaints, and give back helpful information. As a result, several customers can be served all at once, thereby boosting the efficiency of the organization. There are several ways in which AI/machine learning chatbots can be of help to your organization:

1. Cost savings and enhanced customer satisfaction:

Doing the same work over and over again can not only be frustrating but also, time-wasting. A good number of organization works are repetitive. While human efficiency may reduce, chatbots can perform repetitive work in a million times and still maintain its high efficiency. Although high-level work that requires thinking and intuition should be monitored and handled by staffs themselves, low-level work of high volume should be handled by chatbots.Chatbots saves a lot of cost for an organization. The estimated call cost of businesses estimated by IBM is $1.3 trillion on 265 billion customer service calls every year. Chatbots saves a lot of stress and time that could be more productively used by staffs of an organization in finding solutions to customers problem, planning strategies, etc.

2. Improved Customer Service Experience

Chatbots are programmed with many featured of AI, one of which allows them to process natural language. As a result, effective communication and customer queries can be established and processed respectively. The efficiency of Chatbots can never be compared to that of humans, they are 24/7 available with very fast response.Apart from the fact that they relieve agents of simpler works for more challenging ones, they also Speed up the response time.

3. A Virtual Personal Assistant At Your Command

A very good feature of chatbots is that they have the ability to learn your preferences and foresee your needs. You can get to request endless information and delegate tasks. Chatbots have the ability to access a wide array of information all at a time and with this, you are able to search and get a result immediately – saving you the stress and time you will spend finding.Project Managers can make good use of chatbots inside project and workflow management tools, like Slack, so as to keep informed of tasks pending, work status, and efficiently manage the project schedule and all its dependencies. Also, chatbots can assist you in managing your working day; reminding you of appointments or project deadlines, informing you when a task is either pending or complete.In crucial times when there is the need for helping hand in an organization, chatbots can run marketing campaigns and do other important tasks like posting updates, providing email shots, running ad campaigns on social media, etc. A major blow that reduces the productivity of most organization can be traced to poor communication. As a result, chatbots create a better and smooth communication atmosphere among several staffs in an organization.

4. Effective learning in the workflow

Learning is enhanced when you have the necessary information at your fingertips. Chatbots can offer you the necessary information you need. Peradventure, as a customer service agent, you are on a call with a customer and need to confirm something, or a customer demands particular information that you need to find quickly, chatbot brings to you all information in the twinkle of an eye. In the workflow, learning gets even effective when there is an accessible chatbot as your personal buddy.

5. Productivity through effective training

New employees require adequate training so as to catch up with the requirement and standard of the organization. Of course! Training is not only applicable to new employees but also the old ones, so as increase their level of efficiency and productivity. As new employees are employed, organizations try to isolate them and give them proper training. But this process claims good number of time. With chatbots, individuals can be provided with training and support so as to meet up with the standards of the organization. Another good feature of a chatbot is that it is able to study its interaction with learners and recommend human-like training to the user. Indeed, the chatbot is a powerful tool for every organization.

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